It's Coming!

The Inaugural Community Chain Reaction
hosted by The Forge Initiative

Sunday, May 15, 2016

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boy_and_girl_basketball_dreamstime_xl_61859212.jpgTeaching basketball in gym class teaches the rules, but not the dream.

When families started putting a hoop in every driveway and a court in every neighborhood,  we became known for our basketball stars.  Young people dream of becoming pros, even while sitting in science and math class, and start pickup games at every opportunity.

Where are the courts for the pick up games for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math?

At Your Community Forge!


The Forge Initiative!
(previously known as Wake Robotics) 


The Forge Downtown in Cary, NC

and The Underground Forge in Durham, NC




Wake Robotics has grown into The Forge Initiative.

The Forge Initiative is partnering with Hopewell Academy in Cary, NC and with The American Underground in Durham, NC to operate pilot Forges in each community.

Longer term in Cary, that means we’re building out “The Forge Downtown”. Our existing Cary members have a place to explore, learn and lead with technology, just as they always have, and beyond that to provide more opportunities in STEAM to others in Cary.

In both communities, we expect that The Forge Downtown and The Underground Forge will evolve into larger programs and STEAM centers. In each community, our vison includes

  • ~15,000 square foot facility, with tools, making space, etc.

  • It will be a place for members to meet and continue their current projects, teams, leadership development and other activities.

  • It will be a safe place for youth & adults to try to do the impossible and sometimes succeed, but always be supported.

  • It will be a place for new members of the community to meet and learn, to immerse themselves for an hour or an afternoon or for a series of afternoons and evenings in various technologies - Arduino to Raspberry Pi, computer aided design (CAD) and 3D printing, electric play dough circuitry and wired clothing accessories, custom circuit design and autonomous robots

  • It will be a place to explore leadership, collaboration and group interaction in the context of in-person activities, as well as through media such as google docs, and tele-presence.

  • There will also be equipment such as arduinos, MaKey MaKeys, littleBits, robotics, 3D printers, computers, laser cutters and more for creative exploring and learning.


“7 months ago, I thought robotics wasn’t for me. And, today, it inspires me. Why I thought that, I have absolutely no idea, because the past season spent with PyroTech has been truly amazing. I don't think of myself in one particular way any more; I don't think of myself separately as an artist or a writer or an engineer anymore. I think of myself as a creator. ”

Support the Students 

2016 Nuts 'n' Bolts Fund!

For all the small, critical, but nearly invisible things that keep us running....  Safety glasses, zip ties, duct tape, insurance, wireless, thumb drives, 3d printer filament, spray paint, and other important items that are essential!