Wake Robotics has changed its name to
The Forge Initiative!


The Forge Downtown in Cary, NC

and The Underground Forge in Durham, NC






Blue_line.png The Forge Downtown - A welcoming space in downtown Cary where families and individuals of all ages collaboratively explore, learn, and lead using technology and engineering! Read more about The Forge Downtown here...

The Forge Downtown, part of the The Forge Initiative community (previously Wake Robotics) is a group of individuals who believe in engaging the youth and others in our community in exploring and learning new technologies, engineering and the arts. These provide the focus for developing 21st century skills of leadership, collaboration, communication, team building, and public speaking.

We’re collaborative, volunteer-based, and working very hard to move into new facilities in downtown Cary in the fall of 2015.  While we’re going through that process, we’re still doing our “every day” activities of building giant 3D printers, racing WrOBOTS in parks, designing robots and playing with Makey Makeys to take subversive cat photos.

“7 months ago, I thought robotics wasn’t for me. And, today, it inspires me. Why I thought that, I have absolutely no idea, because the past season spent with PyroTech has been truly amazing. I don't think of myself in one particular way any more; I don't think of myself separately as an artist or a writer or an engineer anymore. I think of myself as a creator. ”

Support the Students 

2015 Nuts 'n' Bolts Fund!

For all the small, critical, but nearly invisible things that keep us running....  Safety glasses, zip ties, duct tape, insurance, wireless, thumb drives, 3d printer filament, spray paint, and other important items that are essential!