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The Forge Initiative is a regional nonprofit that builds environments filled with collaborative, multi-age STEAM learning opportunities. (

The Forge Downtown is our center in Cary, NC (

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boy_and_girl_basketball_dreamstime_xl_61859212.jpgTeaching basketball in gym class teaches the rules, but not the dream.

When families started putting a hoop in every driveway and a court in every neighborhood,  we became known for our basketball stars.  Young people dream of becoming pros, even while sitting in science and math class, and start pickup games at every opportunity.

Where are the courts for the pick up games for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math?

At Your Community Forge!



“7 months ago, I thought robotics wasn’t for me. And, today, it inspires me. Why I thought that, I have absolutely no idea, because the past season spent with PyroTech has been truly amazing. I don't think of myself in one particular way any more; I don't think of myself separately as an artist or a writer or an engineer anymore. I think of myself as a creator. ”